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  • In-Situ Treatment & Systems for Soil Remediation Services

    In-situ treatment of contaminated soil and/or groundwater can be achieved by various means and methods. Though injection is a viable and effective process on many sites, the soil treatment method preferred by EMS involves in-situ mixing with excavation equipment and specialty mixing attachments.

  • Groundwater remediation - Wikipedia

    Chemical treatment technologies Chemical precipitation. Chemical precipitation is commonly used in wastewater treatment to remove hardness and heavy metals. In general, the process involves addition of agent to an aqueous waste stream in a stirred reaction vessel, either batchwise or with steady flow.

  • Grounding - Chemical Rods - Material - Wireless Estimator

    Chemical Ground Rods. Chemically treating the soil can be an effective method to achieve lower soil resistivity. Chemical ground rods can provide a permanent soil treatment solution for a low impedance ground. Comprised of a 2" or larger hollow copper rod, the electrode is .

  • Termite Chemical Treatments - Do It Yourself Termite Control

    This chemical treatment relied on the application of a chemical barrier around and beneath the structure designed to block all possible routes of termite entry. Any termites attempting to penetrate through the treated soil were either killed or repelled.

  • Seed Treatments :: Chemical - TNAU Agritech Portal

    Seed Treatments :: Chemical SEED TREATMENT Seed treatment refers to the application of fungicide, insecticide, or a combination of both, to seeds so as to disinfect and disinfect them from seed-borne or soil-borne pathogenic organisms and storage insects.

  • Effect of Chemical Soil Treatment on Plant Growth ...

    Effect of Chemical Soil Treatment on Plant Growth, Nitrogen Fixation, and Fungal Colonization of Rhizobium Nodules of Soybeans K. D. Widin and B. W. Kennedy Former graduate student and presently assistant professor of biology, Curry College, Milton, MA 02186; and professor, Department of

  • PFAS Treatment and Remediation Webinar: Treatment .

    Chemical treatment Chemical oxidation –single oxidant and oxidant mixtures Electrochemical, sonochemical, and photochemical Plasma Customized reductants TREATMENT TRAINS and COMBINED REMEDIES!

  • Clay Doctor - Clay soil treatment

    Clay Soil Treatment. Clay Doctor soil treatment is a cutting edge soil science application that converts high clay content soils into a more usable loam soil form. Convert your horrible clay soil .

  • Chemical Soil Treatments - Termite Specialists

    Chemical soil treatment or termite monitoring system? Chemical soil treatments can be very effective, but whether we recommend a chemical soil treatment as an option for your building will very much depend on the structure's construction and environmental conditions around the property.