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  • Abandoned Mine Lands - Illinois DNR

    During the years of rapid technological advancement, little attention was given to the serious adverse effects of coal mining. By the late 1970's over 200,000 acres of land had been affected by surface and deep mining of coal in Illinois. Of this disturbed acreage, over 22,000 acres were identified as being "problem" acreage.

  • Mines and Minerals - Illinois DNR

    The Office of Mines and Minerals is comprised of four divisions: Land Reclamation, Abandoned Mine Lands Reclamation, Mine Safety and Training, and Blasting, Explosives and Aggregate Reclamation. Within these divisions, the office: regulates the mining industry throughout the State of Illinois,

  • Coal miner now on relief, with son. Zeigler, Illinois ...

    1 negative : safety ; 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 inches or smaller. Photo, Print, Drawing Coal miner now on relief, with son. Zeigler, Illinois intermediary roll film

  • Coal Miner (statue) - Wikipedia

    The Coal Miner is a public artwork by Polish American artist John J. Szaton (1907–1966) which is located in two US State capitals; the original, commissioned in 1963 in Springfield, Illinois, as well as a copy on the west lawn of the Indiana State House in Indianapolis, Indiana The statues commemorate coal miners who had lost their lives in those states' mining industry.