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    Composition. Older mothballs consisted primarily of naphthalene, but due to naphthalene's flammability, many modern mothball formulations instead use 1,4-dichlorobenzene.The latter formulation may be somewhat less flammable, although both chemicals have the same NFPA 704 rating for flammability. The latter chemical is also variously labeled as para-dichlorobenzene, p-dichlorobenzene, pDCB, or ...

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    There are many different types of brass, each with a slightly different chemical composition. Each type of brass has its own name, qualities, and uses. For example: Red brass, not surprisingly, is warmer in color than other brasses. It also is a particularly strong type of brass.

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    Maple syrup is one of several high-sugar liquids that humans consume. However, maple syrup is more than just a concentrated sugar solution. Here, we review the chemical composition of maple syrup. (Contains 4 tables and 1 figure.)

  • "The Chemical Composition of Honey" by David W. Ball

    Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution, created by bees, and used by human beings as a sweetener. However, honey is more than just a supersaturated sugar solution; it also contains acids, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids in varying quantities. In this article, we will briefly explore the chemical composition of honey.

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    Ball clays are kaolinitic sedimentary clays that commonly consist of 20–80% kaolinite, 10–25% mica, 6–65% quartz. Localized seams in the same deposit have variations in composition, including the quantity of the major minerals, accessory minerals and carbonaceous materials such as lignite.

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    Jun 20, 2014 · This plastic-like material is highly durable but offers less feel for the ball. PVC covers are also hard, which do not make them ideal for playing. The cover for an indoor soccer ball is made of a material called felt, the same material that coats a tennis ball. Felt makes the ball more controllable on smooth surfaces.

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    heat. The chemical comiposition haSI little to dOl with the fir t physical property. The second physical property of course is affected more or less by the chemical composition of the clay and as th'er~ is dehydration and agglomeratiolllJ it is: accompanied by shrinkage. The .

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    The Chemical Components of a Cell Matter is made of combinations of elements —substances such as hydrogen or carbon that cannot be broken down or converted into other substances by chemical means. The smallest particle of an element that still retains its distinctive chemical properties is an atom .