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    Early differentiation of molten material largely incorporated the rare-earths into Mantle rocks. The high field strength and large ionic radii of rare-earths make them incompatible with the crystal lattices of most rock-forming minerals, so REE will undergo strong partitioning into a melt phase if one is present.

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    Information about rare earth elements can be downloaded as a pdf: M28 Rare Earth Elements (PDF 1.1 ) Rare earths were named by Johann Gadolin in 1974 for a group of chemically similar, metallic elements with atomic numbers 57 through to 71.

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    IREL (India) Limited (Formally Indian Rare Earths Limited) is a government-owned corporation Mini-Ratna Category A, Schedule B Company, in India based in Mumbai.It was incorporated as a private limited company and jointly owned by the Government of India. Government of India took control of IREL in 1963 under the administrative control of Department of Atomic Energy ().

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    corner), then click on the Rare Earths Investor links tab. Please enjoy this forum. Use the opportunity to present questions or post and comment on ideas expressed by like minded investors to assist investment thinking (Read 'How to Post and Reply' below for useful information) . Thank you and again welcome!

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    Welcome to Metal Event's Rare Earths Community – here you will find news and information about the rare earths markets, including pricing data from China, company information and analysis of this important industrial sector.

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